History of IFED

IFED was founded in 26 January 2006 as charitable organization by self motivated Somali youth Diaspora in Britain to contribute the stabilization and reconstruction of their home country. IFED opened sub-offices in Sweden, Norway, Somalia and Finland. Somalia is the operational work station where most of the IFED activities are implemented. IFED is one of the 72 national NGOs assessed, audited and cleared to be partners for implementation of humanitarian projects funded by OCHA Somalia.

IFED stand for the helping and empowering of vulnerable communities without partiality or discrimination. Since its establishment, 2600 students who graduated from the secondary schools that Iftiin established in Mudug and Galgadud regions are now studying in different universities in the country and as well as overseas universities. Iftiin Education and Development also succeeded to open the college education that is aimed to produce teachers for the primary and secondary schools in Galmudug state. At the end of this project, it is expected that 200 teachers will graduate from this faculty of education.

The other projects implemented by IFED are included digging and rehabilitation of the water wells, distribution of dry food items and non food items to the drought affected people, provision of medical equipment and materials, construction of clinics, water trucking.