About Us

IFTIIN Education & Development (IFED) was founded in 26 January 2006 by self motivated group of Somali Diaspora in Britain who share common objectives and goals. IFED is non profit, non political, non religious and nongovernmental organization which was established to alleviate the symptoms of poverty, illiteracy and backwardness through empowerment of the community with education and knowledge and as well as the rehabilitation of the collapsed economic infrastructures.

As it its name indicates, the organization is dedicated to contribute to restoring the collapsed education system in pastoral and agro pastoral community in south central region. IFED believed that providing the children with improved education can result in desired radical change in society.

IFED stand for the helping and empowering of vulnerable communities without partiality or discrimination. Since its establishment, 2600 students who graduated from the secondary schools that Iftiin established in Mudug and Galgadud regions are now studying in different universities in Somalia and as well as overseas universities.