Improving Maternity Services at Adaado General Hospital

With the partnership with Muntada Aid organization, IFED delivered high quality medical equipment medical equipment for maternity ward to the Adado General Hospital in Galmdug State of Somalia.

The hospital did not have the proper equipment needed for the proper prenatal assessment, intra-labor usage and post-natal care before the delivery of these medical equipment. Now the hospital is properly working and around 200 deliveries are performed in the hospital monthly and there is also a huge number of antenatal care and postnatal care visits.

The hospital also provides emergency obstetric interventions, such as cesarean sections. Since the all sections of the hospital equipped with Medical equipment, the infant mortality and maternal mortality will be significantly reduced. The hospital treats monthly a total of 2080 patients (873 mothers and 790 children under 5 years and 416 men).