Running and Management of the IFED Schools

Itiin Education and Development (IFED) has been working in the education improvement in central regions of Somalia through the construction of new schools and rehabilitating of the previously constructed schools. Currently there are 12 primary and secondary schools which IFED established in certain areas in Galgadud and Mudug regions where 4945 boys and 3543 girls are studying now. Besides the construction of these schools, IFED has been also involving in the covering the monthly running cost of these schools such as salary of the teachers and other school staff.

As it its name indicates, the organization is dedicated to contribute to restoring the collapsed education system in pastoral and agro pastoral community in south central region. IFED believed that providing the children with improved education can result in desired radical change in society.

The source of financial income that cover these activities partially generated from contribution by Somali Diaspora and local business people. It is worth to mention that 60% of running budget of these schools is these schools comes from selling of second hand clothes that IFED collect from the community in London. This means that IFED daily collect secondhand clothes from the families in the UK and then sells to some traders who export these clothes to some foreign countries.