Establishment of Teacher Training Center in Adado District

In order to reduce the costs of hiring teachers from the far distanced regions and as well as the turnover of the teachers, IFED established the college of education and teacher training center in Adado district with the partnership with COMIC RELIEF.

The project duration was 5 years starting from September 2015. IFED has subcontracted with SIMAD University for the implementation of the project. SIMAD University was responsible for the running and management of the teacher training center, preparation of curriculum, recruitment of qualified teachers for the Teacher training center and issuing of Certificates and transcripts for students upon their graduation whereas IFED was responsible for the payment of the running cost of the project which is amounted to $400,000 (four hundred thousand US dollars ) during the whole project duration in five installments manner($80000/year).

At the end of this project, the institute will produce 100 BSc students who are majoring in one of the following subjects;

  • Biology (Major)
  • Chemistry
  • Physics