Project Proposal for the Construction of primary school in Hinbarwaqo Village in Hobyo district of Mudug region.

This project involved in the Construction of primary school in Xiinbarwaqo Village, in Galmudug state of Somalia.The objective of this School is to give school access to the young boys and girls who are currently out of school studying at lower classes as this will be the first School in the area. The school will improve the opportunities and lifestyles of the community through the provision of education and Vocational training to develop their self-esteem which will enable them to break out of the backwardness and poverty trap.

The project activities consisted of the construction of 4 classrooms, one office, 2 toilets, one store and one overhead water tank and Wall.

The establishment of this Primary school reflects from the outcome of long consultation made with the local authorities, all community sectors like the governmental institutions, traditional leaders, religious groups and youths.