Establishment Of Vocational Training

Garissa School for the deaf is a public boarding institution that caters service for children with hearing impaired. It was established and registered under the Ministry of Education of Kenya in 2007; and officially opened in January 2008.

It started with few numbers of deaf pupils as now it has been increasing numbers of the deaf children up to 200. Unfortunately there are some challenges that hinder the achievement of the expected outcome education level.

The identified gaps are included;

  • Lack of funds to pay salaries for more teachers Insufficient classrooms
  • Lack of equipment and material resources e.g. tailors, computers, woodwork tools.
  • Lack of First Aid Kits
  • Insufficient teachers with skills in sign languages Needs to address the challenges
  • Building library, vocational classes, computer laboratory, workshop and more classrooms
  • Equipment and material resources needed such as tailor, tools and computers to be bought and installed
  • Capacity building for teachers on teaching methodology for deaf students, tailoring skills
  • Capacity building of staff of handicapped workers on techniques of how to handle the mentally handicapped children. 
  • First Aid kits to be bought too for health reasons which forces us to consider the establishment of vocational classes within our school to build their skills for future careers.