Establishment of Quran Schools

Quran schools have existed for a long time in Somalia. Their resilience and ability to respond flexibly to changes in society, to emerging educational needs, and external environments, have attracted the interests of IFED.

Traditionally, before Somali children started regular schooling, they had to attend Quran School. Children as young as they are four years attended Quran school to study the Quran and learn how to read and write Arabic. When they memorize the whole of the 110 verses of the holy Quran, then they enroll to the schools. It is very rare for a child not to have attended Quran School before enrolling in public or private schools.

The attendance to Quran schools fulfills the religious obligation of teaching the Quran to youngsters at an early age and also it serves as a necessary steppingstone for a possible success in regular schools. Education system of the federal government , Quranic education was made an integral part of schooling system of the country. Based on the value of Quran schools for the Somalia society, IFED will construct mosques which will be used for both Quran schools and as well for the praying.