Children sent to school


IFED has taken crucial initiative approach to change this situation by establishing many schools in these regions to provide the children with free and accessible primary and secondary education.

Food Security & Livelihood

IFED assist the disaster affected communities in rebuilding their lives, and serves to increase their resilience to future disasters through immediate response and long term recovery projects.


IFED health projects focus on improving of existing health services through the provision of medical equipment and materials, rehabilitation of hospitals and other clinic centers.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

IFED Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programs provide access to safe drinking water, construction of latrine toilets raising of the community awareness toward the importance of hygiene at household level and public areas.

What We Do

Who We Are

IFED was founded in 26 January 2006 as charitable organization by self motivated Somali youth Diaspora in Britain to contribute the stabilization and reconstruction of their home country. IFED opened sub-offices in Sweden, Norway, Somalia and Finland. Somalia is the operational work station where most of the IFED activities are implemented. IFED is one of the 72 national NGOs assessed, audited and cleared to be partners for implementation of humanitarian projects funded by OCHA Somalia.

Our Partners

Our Mission & Vision

  • Our Vision

    • To enable every child the right to access to sustainable education and improved livelihood system.
    • To combat poverty and backwardness in Somalia in general and the south central Somalia in particular where the civil war and natural disasters badly affected them.
  • Our Misson

    •  IFED exists to empower communities, local institutions and individuals to realize their full potentials.
    • Provision of primary health care, education, clean water, agriculture and livestock development, humanitarian assistance, gender balance improvement, and capacity building in local institutions.

Make The Difference

By donating $10 per month, you can send one child to school and provide the necessary training they require for a better life.